Dry Bag Winter Offer | 2 for £80


Looking for the ultimate wetsuit bag and outdoor gear storage solution?

The Dry Bag will protect, store and collect water from your wetsuit, protecting your house and vehicle from damp. The Dry Bag is the perfect wetsuit bag for outdoor drying thanks to its air flow allowing side vents and shower proof fabric. 

The Dry Bag with Hanger

Unit price

The Dry Hanger

Unit price

Durable Dry Hanger

- Takes 25kg in drop weight made from 100% recycled Olefin.

Full Length Zip

- For Easy access.

Air Flow Vents

- Mesh side to allow air flow around your wetsuit, starting the drying process.

Shower Proof Fabric

- Perfect material for outdoor drying as it protects, stores and collects water from your wetsuit.

- UV protection offers up to 3 x more protection for your wetsuit.

Drain Plug

- Removable drain plug allows the easy collection of water dripping off your outdoor gear, before emptying it easily when needed.

*The drain plug can be quite stiff when cold.