Wetsuit/Drysuit Carrier | Dries Wet Gear On The Drive Home | Dry Bag

A wetsuit carrier that collects water from your wetsuit on the drive home

  • Have you seen this!! Incredible footage of Sebastian Steudtner surfing in Nazare! Who'd like to have a go?? https://t.co/yH7wrIhNJC
    15 hours ago
  • Our girl @lexballadon gives us the low down on how she dries her #wetsuit easily and fuss free! Check it out: https://t.co/NmpsWMJ7rp
    2 days ago
  • It's not magic but it works! Get your hands on a Dry Bag today for only £60: https://t.co/wW1QEXSTU1 https://t.co/ALYcekSuqx
    3 days ago