The Dry Bag - All you need to know to make your life easier

What is a Dry bag?

The Dry Bag is a wetsuit carrier that collects water from your wetsuit on the drive home. It's been designed by a collective of sports mad people who understand all the issues of having oodles of wet gear.

Surf wetsuit

The Problem

You’ve spent years throwing wetsuits, wet coats and clothes into buckets, shopping bags and the lark. You then get home and have to wrestle with your wet garments, often getting soaked (again) in the process. For days your bathroom looks like a laundry room and it’s a struggle to shower or take a bath without getting your wetsuit damp again.

You can’t hang your wetsuit outside in direct sunlight for fear of UV rays damaging your suit, it takes days to dry in the shade and wherever you hang it you’re left with a puddle of water – far from ideal.

The Solution

The Dry Bag is a full length zip up bag that protects your wetsuits and wet garments from direct sunlight whilst letting them drip dry efficiently yet naturally. Mesh vents enhance air flow and a water reservoir collects the dripping water from your wetsuit – no puddles here! A specially designed hanger can take up to 25kg in weight enabling you to hang all your wet gear in one bag keeping your living space tidy.

Surf wetsuit walking

The Benefits

We know you’re not a fair weather athlete and that your sport is the most breath taking, awe inspiring sport in the world. That’s why we’re here for you so water and the elements of the outside world never stop you from making strides in pursuit of greatness. This innovative piece of kit has been designed with you in mind, it is guaranteed to make your life easier and allow you to focus on the important aspects of your sport. Keep a clear mind, keep your kit dry.

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