Reviews - DRY BAG


Hello guys, just wanted to say that my dry bag has arrived, super fast delivery, brilliant quality, very happy!!

Luke Evans

Just want to thank you very much for the dry bag pro I used it this weekend for my wetsuit as I was kayaking and canoeing for taking scouts out on the water and it dried my wetsuit really fast and kept it warm
Thank you!!

Daniel Streits

The Dry Bag making surfing this winter so much easier & stops the Mrs moaning about wettys being dried in the boiler cupboard

Simon Le Moignan

Took my @thedrybag to Ireland last month and could dry my wetty in the hotel bathroom overnight, didn’t stink out the room and wasn’t moaned at by she who must be listened too #greatinvention

S Poole

As I live in a small house with limited drying space I found this really useful. I really struggle when it’s raining etc. This helps to let the water start running off immediately unlike other dry bags

Clare Mylan

The dry bag making the Great Scottish Swim a breeze! What a great product – I’ll never go back to a carrier bag!

Jen Isles

The Dry Bag has been the perfect training partner this year, I have used it to travel to and from open water swimming events and to protect my expensive wetsuit at home.

Alex Baron

Outdoors, indoors, back of van – anywhere!!

Nik Barnes

Wetsuit goes in after a surf and a fresh water rinse, stays in to get home, hang up to dry outside in sun, open plug to drain, then hang inside until next surf. Is either in dry bag or on me! Works a treat!!

Mark Goff

It certainly makes storing and drying a wetsuit less of a pain indoors. My other half loves it as it keeps the house nice and tidy. Also great to just chuck in the car without taking out the bag.

Daniel Riches

My wetsuit lives inside the bag in my van permanently and my van renovation will be designed with the best possible use of the bag in mind.

Liam Tracey

Really pleased with my Dry Bag purchase. Why wouldn’t you protect a £500 wetsuit? I have several wetsuits and hadn’t appreciated the damage that using an ordinary coat hanger and exposure to sunlight can cause.

Mark Purvis

The Dry Bag allows my wetsuit to dry whilst I’m at work and not just thrown in a bag

Kelly Woodfine

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