Elite Dry Bag and Hanger
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The Dry Elite mesh fronted bag enhances air flow allowing your garment to dry quickly whilst shielding your garment from UV rays thanks to 300 denier, PU backed, shower proof fabric. A water reservoir at the base collects residual water with an easy to use bladder valve release system – the result is dry kit ready for the next adventure. Perfect for inside use to dry your wet gear quickly with no mess. The Dry Bag can be purchased with or without the hanger.


  • Full mesh front dries your wetsuit quickly
  • 300 denier shower proof fabric
  • Durable heat welded seams
  • Full length zip for easy access
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Compact to keep in your car for when you need it
  • Dimensions: 130cm x 63cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: One size, fits up to L size wetsuits
  • Option to buy The Dry Bag on it’s own or with hanger set which includes adjustable lanyard and carabiner hook.


Ideal for: Cycling, surfing, snow sports, water sports, diving, open water swimming, mountaineering, sailing

48 hour delivery to the UK only

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The mesh helps enhance airflow helping your drenched gear to dry quickly. The bag is crafted using 300 denier shower proof fabric.


UV rays can significantly shorten the life of your wetsuit when directly exposed to sunlight. Protect your investment by allowing our material to absorb the UV rays with a sun protection factor UPF rating 50+.


Drying time is speeded up by intensifying the effect of direct sunlight without UV rays damaging your garments.


A fully waterproof welded water reservoir with an easy to release bladder valve catches water ensuring the surrounding area is kept bone dry. Simply release the tap on the well to let out the water when you are ready.

Our specially developed dry bag is twin stitched with fully waterproof taped seams that cannot be breached. A durable hanger can take up to 25kg letting you hang your drenched gear anywhere, anytime for as long as you want.


As well as being easy to transport and carry, our DRY bag is compact enough to keep in your car for when you need it.


Ideal as a winter storage solution. Gone are the days of folding up your wetsuit during the winter months and forgetting where you’ve put it. Let your wetsuit hang freely in your wardrobe ready for spring in a ventilated, contained and protected environment.


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“My wetsuits are fresher and dry quickly ready for the next adventure”

Alan Stokes, Professional surfer and former British Champion