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The Dry Bag is a water sports accessory – a wetsuit carrier that carries your wet gear and helps dry it whilst its hung up. The water’s caught in the base of the carrier and easily drained away. Get dry, fresh kit for the next adventure.

Mesh vents in the carrier let air flow around your kit so it dries your wetsuit naturally. Excess water from your wetsuit drains into a water tight reservoir at the base and it can only escape when you unplug it. 300 denier black material absorbs heat drying your gear quickly whilst protecting it from direct sunlight. The Dry Bag hanger can hold up to 25kg in weight so you can hang your drenched gear anywhere, safe in the knowledge it will stay put.

The Dry Bag is perfect for carrying your wetsuit, in fact you can put anything you want in it! It was originally developed as somewhere for you to put your soaking wet wetsuit, we also think it will come in handy for your wet rain coat, wet cycling clothes or wet trousers after a long soggy walk.

You can use The Dry Bag all year round. If you’re a winter surfing, drying your wetsuit for the following days surfing can be a bit of a headache, with The Dry Bag you can hang your wetsuit inside above a radiator so it dries in time. In the summer you can hang The Dry Bag outside so that your wetsuit is protected from harmful UV rays whilst drying it quickly and naturally.

The Dry Bag will make your life easier. This innovative piece of kit has been designed with you in mind, drying your gear quickly so you can focus on the important aspects of sport. Once you’ve got one in your life you will genuinely wonder how you coped without it.

Hang your wetsuit inside out in The Dry Bag on the Dry Hanger, we recommend folding your wetsuit at the waist. Avoid hanging your wetsuit from the shoulders as it will gradually stretch your suit! Once in The Dry Bag you can hang your wetsuit inside or outside. If you’re not using your wetsuit for a couple of days or weeks, make sure you flip it inside out again so that the other side of your suit dries.

You can dry your wetsuit indoors overnight using The Dry Bag. You do not even have to hang The Dry Bag in your bathroom, the water reservoir at the base of the bag collects any residual water so your living area will stay dry. Your suit will be warm and dry ready for the next adventure!

You should never hang your wetsuit in direct sunlight as the sun’s UV rays will weaken the neoprene in your wetsuit. As an alternative, you can hang up The Dry Bag containing your wetsuit in direct sunlight as 300 denier material protects your wetsuit and the black fabric absorb the heat helping to dry your wetsuit quickly.

It is important that you rinse your wetsuit inside and out with freshwater after every single use rinse, ensure you get rid of any stubborn sand, salt or silt that may be refusing to budge. Occasionally use wetsuit shampoo to prevent salt collecting in awkward spots. The Dry bag will protect your wetsuit in-between use as well.

Store your wetsuit on a wide hanger – the combination of a Dry Bag and the Dry Hanger is perfect for storing your wetsuit. Hang at the waist not by the shoulders and ensure your wetsuit is completely dry before putting it away. Store your wetsuit in dark place so there is no chance of the suns ray damaging your wetsuit.

The Dry Bag wetsuit hanger can take up to 25kg of weight.

If you’re an open water swimmer, The Dry Bag is perfect for you. Hang your wetsuit and swimming trunks or costume over the Dry Hanger, and chuck your goggles and swimming cap into the base of the bag.

The water reservoir is designed to be emptied after each use, meaning The Dry Bag stays light, portable and continues to work efficiently. It can hold approximately 5 litres of water. We recommend rinsing out the water reservoir with warm water from time to time to prevent the build-up of sand and salt.

Before use we recommend opening and closing the reservoir plug a few times to loosen it up. It is designed to keep water in so may be stiff to begin with.


Sponge clean and wash down with warm water only. Make sure to wash the zips occasionally to remove any salt or dirt caught in the teeth. Please do not put your Dry Bag in the washing machine or tumble drier. Do not iron or dry clean.

The Dry Bag Elite features more mesh material and is designed to dry your gear quicker. Due to the mesh front, we recommend using the Elite bag whilst drying inside to protect it from the rain or wet conditions.

The Dry Bag Pro is showerproof, and can be hung outside with very little chance of the outside weather affecting your gear. The Dry Bag Pro comes in two colours, full black or black and grey

For the quicker drying time, we recommend using the Elite bag. If you travel a lot the Pro bag will be more suited so water cannot escape during long car journeys.

We recommend only hanging one wetsuit in your Dry Bag – and hanging it by folding at the waist – folded in half. Hanging by the neck/shoulders could stretch your wetsuit. However The Dry Bag hanger is large enough to comfortably take 2 wetsuits should it need to

You can purchase a bag on it’s own, select the single product on our website or purchase from one of our trusted suppliers.

We cannot guarantee drying times due to variations in outside temperatures, the weather and also varying room temperatures for indoor drying. We recommend allowing 6-8 hours for your suit to dry completely. On warmer days your wetsuit will dry quicker if hung outside in a Dry Bag, (only hang your wetsuit outside in sunlight when in a Dry Bag – direct contact with the UV rays will damage the neoprene in your suit.)

Please contact us via email to discuss further. Email stating the shop’s name, how many branches and other brands you stock when enquiring.

Please allow 48 hours for delivery of your Dry Bag

Postage is not included and this will be added to your order at checkout

The Dry Bag is currently delivered to the UK locations only.

Your purchase will arrive in a recycled card board box – this can be recycled. For items that cannot be recycled please dispose of sensibly.

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