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About Us

We’re a collective of driven, competitive, sports mad individuals and here’s how it all started…


On a crisp spring morning on the Cornish coast Matt Deaves, a British surfing pro plunged his dripping, sand smothered wetsuit into a bag, a bothersome daily occurrence that tainted the pleasure of the sport he lives for. Determined to find a solution, Matt started experimenting with different ideas, materials and designs until he stumbled upon a seemingly obvious idea – The Dry Bag.

The result was a wetsuit and wet gear carrier that could be used to hang a drenched wetsuit, sodden board shorts or a wet rain coat. A durable hanger and water collection well in the base meant that The Dry bag could hang from the roof of Matt’s car – his wetsuit dried on the drive home.

As with most initial ideas, the simplistic design soon evolved to combine seven crucial ingredients to bring you the very first product of its kind on the market. The Dry Bag sprung to life in the surfing world but now covers a wide ranges of watersports and activities to make your life easier:


Enhances Airflow

The mesh helps enhance airflow helping your drenched gear to dry quickly. The bag is crafted using 300 denier shower proof fabric.


Speeds up drying time

Drying time is speeded up by intensifying the effect of direct sunlight without UV rays damaging your garments.


UV Protection

UV rays can significantly shorten the life of your wetsuit if directly exposed to sunlight. Protect your investment by allowing our material to absorb UV rays with a sun protection factor UPF rating 50+.


Collects Water

A fully waterproof, welded water reservoir complete with a bladder valve catches water ensuring the surrounding area is kept bone dry. Simply release the plug on the reservoir to release the water when you are ready. We recommend emptying the reservoir after each use.



Our specially developed dry bag is twin stitched with fully waterproof taped seams that cannot be breached. Our durable hangers can take up to 25kg letting you hang your dry bag anywhere, anytime for as long as you want.



As well as being easy to transport and carry, The Dry Bag is compact to keep in your car for when you need it.


Winter Storage

Ideal as a winter storage solution. Gone are the days of folding up your wetsuit during the winter months and forgetting where you’ve put it. Let your wetsuit hang freely in your wardrobe ready for spring in a ventilated, contained and protected environment.

Surfing girls

From humble Cornish roots Dry aspires to cross the borders of sport by catering for a wide demographic. From pedal power to horse power, fish hooks to golf clubs, The Dry Bag reigns when it pours.

Here at Dry we live and breathe sport and only graft with the best manufacturers so you can be assured of a high quality product. These key attributes enable us to achieve our ultimate goal: to provide you with a stylish, durable and affordable product that will satisfy the demands of the modern lifestyle.

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