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The Dry Bag are committed to working alongside young, talented and enthusiastic sportsmen and women. We recently partnered with British Canoeing to find a Brand Ambassador who epitomised grassroots paddling. After a month long search we were inundated with entries so decided to pick two winners! Below we introduce our first winner Kurt Adams, read his story below:


How I got into canoeing is super lucky, it was a case of right place at the right time. Me and my brother both signed up to try scuba diving in our local pool. While we were doing the session my mum got chatting to parents whose kids were doing the scuba diving course with us. That’s when my mum was told about Stafford and Stone Canoe Club (the best performing canoe club in the UK and home club of the 2016 Olympic Gold Medallist Joe Clarke). I was invited for a trial session, enjoyed every second and the rest is history!


I have six key pieces of kit that I use every time I go training. They are: Cagdeck, The Dry Bag, Helmet, Buoyancy Aid, Dry Robe and Neoprene Trousers. The Cagdeck is needed to keep you dry and keep the wind out. It’s very important to have a thick and warm cagdeck in the winter if you want to keep the training quality high. The helmet is super important in case you capsize and hit your head on the bottom or side of the river, I genuinely never go paddling without one. The Dry Bag is extremely useful when we drive back home from a session so that the cagdeck doesn’t drip in the car or get dirty as it’s a lovely white design! A buoyancy aid is another necessary piece of kit to keep you above the white-water in case you capsize and can’t roll. Dry Robe is for keeping warm by the bank side when we have course walks prior to a race or training session. And finally, the neoprene trousers keep you warm and toasty when paddling.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog, you’ll be hearing from me again soon! @kurtsadams


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