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Oh hey spring! It’s been an awesome couple of weeks in my corner of the world, whilst there has been a real mixture of weather, there have been some great swells rolling in and it’s been amazing to get some serious time out on the water. The Dry Bag has been getting some serious use, as soon as I’m off the water, the wetsuit is hung up and I’m checking the forecast for the next day. Often I’ll be off the water as it gets dark and planning a dawn surf the next day so its great to have a dry wetsuit ready – thanks Dry Bag!


What I love about spring where I live is even when it is flat, if the sun is out there is nowhere better in the world to be. Sunday was an amazing glassy day, which was a perfect day to spend with family down the beach. Now that spring is here and the season is starting to approach, preparation has been underway for competitions this year. I have my sights set on the European Adaptive Surf Championships in France, the Worlds in a location to be confirmed, Dukes in Hawaii followed by the US and UK opens.


Since coming back from a fab week skiing with the family in February, I have hit the training and diet regime ready to get in shape. My partner has been doing it with me which has been great motivation, it’s always good to have company in the pool or the gym. As I rely on crutches to move around, I need to focus on building the muscles which are not used every day, and not purely be reliant on the very physical requirements I put on myself just to move around. Swimming is great for this, the muscles used in freestyle really help with paddling power and the fact that I am only kicking with one leg means my core has to work super hard.


I try and get in the pool at least 3 times a week, particularly if there is no surf. Other work on fitness focuses on core, so crutches and sit ups and planks (planking is super intense with one leg!) and strength work through resistance training for upper body. I also do resistance work and flexibility training for my leg and hip.


Diet wise, since coming back from skiing I’ve been cutting down on the takeaways and carverys! My partner has been preparing me super nutritious soups to take to work with me and I try and have something filling for breakfast, such as a grilled English. Dinner I try and focus on protein and getting some carbs in particularly if I am training. Chicken and turkey are great sources of protein and they are lean, so mixed with lots of vegetables and on alternate days pasta, I find I get a great balance that gives me loads of energy.


Leading up to competition energy is exactly what I need, the heats are exhausting and the comps often have long days and not always in a warm climate! Particularly in the UK!


That’s all for now, until next time, Fritz.

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