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2018 Kit Bag

With spring upon us, lighter evenings and warmer weather (in theory) we thought we’d step outside of our wetsuit bag world and look at other products and services in the Watersports arena to see what you should have in your kit bag for 2018. If you’re going on a surfing or beach holiday in 2018, or are new to triathlon and wondering what kit you should have, keep reading!


Rinsekit – a handy gadget for days on the beach with the family, their video shows them using the rinsekit to wash off clothes, dishes, humans and dogs! Capacity of 2 gallons and at circa £80 could be a winner for a sand less car and wetsuit this summer.


HUUB Brownlee Swimming Goggles – no one looks good in goggles FACT but we feel you’ve a chance in these goggles from swimming accessory company HUUB, cleverly named after their brand ambassadors the “Brownlee swim goggle” comes in three colours and mirrored lenses stop the sun blinding you when you’re ploughing through the water during an open water swimming session.


Mystic Hymn 2.0 Bikini – one for the girls, functional yet stylish bikini with enough style to turn heads it won’t leave you with awkward tan lines like most stylish bikinis. Not cheap but we think it’s worth the investment.


O’Neill Reactor 3/2mm men’s wetsuit – great entry level surfing wetsuit by O’Neill, comes in an array of colours and at £80 won’t break the bank, protect in a Dry Bag and you’ll get a couple of seasons out of this suit, as an added bonus the Dry Bag wetsuit Bag will stop the sun fading the aqua blue arms.


Finally, if you’re in need of a proverbial kick up the backside why not book yourself on a training camp holiday? Wild and free adventures cater for the surfers and yoga enthusiasts out there, Challenge Tri Camp will put you through your paces in the multisport discipline of triathlon or if you’re a pure open water swimmer take a look at Triscape. Plenty to get your teeth into and you could even take your Dry wetsuit bag on holiday with you!

Share any cool products you’ve seen with us @thedrybag


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