Get a spring in your step - DRY BAG
The Dry Bag

Get a spring in your step

It’s very nearly the time of year when days begin to get longer, brighter and warmer. And for anyone who loves the outdoors, spring is the best time of year, perfect for ramblers and hikers to explore hills, mountains and country trails. It goes without saying that in the UK, we are spoilt with so many beautiful places to go – from the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Cotswolds, to Cornwall coastlines, and challenging walks in Kent and Hertfordshire. There are plenty of places to get a spring in your step!


You can picture it perfectly. You’re on the road to your next hiking destination on a sunny spring morning with no cloud in sight, prepared with your walking boots, clothing, picnic and trail maps. The day ahead beholds beautiful views, fresh air and many challenging inclines that you’ll tackle no problem. However, it’s no surprise that the unpredictable British weather keeps to its reputation. You find yourself returning to the car in sodden clothing. You’ve come prepared with a dry set of clothes, but then there’s the question of what to do with the wet stuff!


Hooray – you’ve got a Dry Bag stored snuggly in the boot for this occasion! A compact and lightweight storage solution for wet gear, easy and lightweight to take around, that can easily hang in the back of your car, van or caravan. The Dry Bag hanger at the top of the bag can take up to 25kg in drop weight meaning that wet gear can be stored until bone dry, or kept there for as long as you need to.


We know that weekend trips involving outdoor activities means you’ll have oodles of gear to transport. Using a Dry Bag will avoid unnecessary mess and damage to the interior of your car and other belongings. Mesh panels act as vents, increasing natural air flow to the wet garments which speeds up drying time. So, when you arrive home, forget about having to pull out damp and screwed-up clothing from an old bag, simply leave your gear hanging in a Dry Bag. The Dry Bag provides a dedicated space to store, transport and dry wet gear on the move, as well as at home.


It’s time to make the last leg of the hike easier. The Dry Bag puts you in the ideal situation when you’re packing up after a long day – don’t leave home without it.