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wetsuit drying

Wetsuit Drying


It’s a fact, wetsuit drying can be a pain! Even though modern wetsuits are made with special internal linings that can make the suit warmer, dry faster, and slide on easier the process of drying a wetsuit has never been easy…until now!

Historically wetsuits would be thrown into buckets and shopping bags to be brought home for drying.  The problem here is that once home, in the generally cold climate of England, you can’t always hang your wetsuit outside! Many of us in the UK are left with a designated area inside the house or garage for our wetsuits to dry, but this often gets in the way, and creates a mess on the floor!


So what can you do?

Below are some do’s and don’t’s we would like to share on how to  dry your wetsuit correctly!



Put your wetsuit in the dryer…. Drying your wetsuit in the dryer will not only ruin your suit, but it also voids the warranty. Simply don’t do it!

Leave your wetsuit in the sun…. the sun is neoprene’s worst enemy!  UV rays cause the neoprene to age much quicker, it gets hard, can crack and loses its flexibility. A product like the Dry Bag provides UV protection for drying wetsuits which in turn increases the lifetime of your wetsuit. The Dry Bag is proven to protect your wetsuit up to 3 times more than without during it’s lifetime.



Dry your wetsuit inside out… Dry your wetsuit inside out, if the wetsuit is not completely dry when you are putting it on – you will at least feel smug crawling into the drier side.

Hang to Dry… After every session you should be rinsing your wetsuit properly. After rinsing, hang your wetsuit at the waist, inside out on a thick hanger (like the Dry hanger) somewhere out of the sun. Leave your wetsuit to hang overnight in your garage or shower to completely dry your wetsuit. Leaving your wetsuit to dry in a Dry Bag will not only protect it from UV rays but you can dry it inside with no mess.

Ventilate… Remember that ventilation is important as the suit needs airing as well as drying.  The Dry Bag offers better airflow using mesh vents resulting in enhanced airflow and a water reservoir that collects the residual water – no puddles here!


Is it important to dry your wetsuit properly?

The obvious reasons for drying your wetsuit properly include:

It’s more comfortable – leaving your wet wetsuit to rot inside a bag (all messy and sandy) will be damp and uncomfortable next time you put it on. Believe me, you’ll only do that once!

Increases the lifespan – Regular care will help you avoid forking out more money for another wetsuit before necessary.

Reduces the smell – Put simply, wetsuits stink if you don’t take care of them. Don’t put your other half through the pain! Get a Dry Bag!


A solution to wetsuit drying – The Dry Bag

Follow these tips and no longer will your wetsuit be damp and without a permanent home. We might be bias but purchasing a Dry Bag to protect, dry and store your wetsuit will be money well spent and will help solve the above problems. You’ll thank us for it one day.


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