Winter Surf Spots - DRY BAG
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Winter Surf Spots

Have you had an amazing summer of surfing, not ready to stop? If you’re like us and the cold doesn’t get in the way of your urge to chase the waves, we know you’ll be on the hunt for top winter surf spots.

To help you make the most of the winter swell, here is our best places to surf in colder temperatures and on windier shorelines. Winter swells bring bigger, more consistent waves and wind chill. Make sure that you’re equipped with the correct winter gear so that you can enjoy the British surf conditions. We might be biased but a key piece of kit for wetsuit protection, storage and drying is The Dry Bag, and remember, this month you can get a Dry Bag, for just £60, saving £25! Shop now!


Saunton, North Devon

Saunton (also known as ‘The Cave’) in North Devon is perfect for beginners and longboarders. Along this vast area of coastline the swell invites smooth waves which is ideal for those learning the basics. At the northern end is ‘The Cave’. Here longboarders can find harsher waves as they meet the rocks, creating excellent rights which can be mastered wave after wave.

Polzeath, North Cornwall

The colder and wilder surf conditions are not to be missed, and you  won’t leave feeling disappointed after your visit to Polzeath. This iconic surfing spot has consistent swell and intermediate-friendly surfing meaning that it’s a great place to practise and build your confidence. This area is very much a tourist destination with great facilities but should be quieter in the winter months. Although if it is still busier than you prefer or too windy, then the nearby Harlyn Bay is a good alternative.


Cayton Bay, North Yorkshire

There are three locations along this unspoilt area of coastline: ‘The Point’ is ideal for experienced surfers looking for a testing time on the water; ‘Pump House’ which has a reputation for the speed of it’s waves; and ‘Bunkers’ where A-frame peaks offer perfect waves – here you are blessed with the choice to go down either side of the wave or backdoor it and surf through the barrel.


Porthcawl, South Wales

This town is a surfing heartland with two nearby beaches, Rest Bay and Coney Bay. These sandy beaches are an ideal destination for a family day trip in winter. Waves arriving at Rest Bay have the most consistency but Coney Bay is more sheltered. Due to the shallow basin and varying tidal range of the Severn Estuary, the waves remain a manageable size offering comfortable conditions which you can do a lot with.


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