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A Killer Workout

When you take your first cruise on a stand-up paddleboard, you’ll most likely experience the water like you never have before. Afterwards, you may feel enlightened, stress-free, and may even notice a building soreness in some muscle areas that you’re not used to utilizing. One of the most attractive aspects of paddleboarding is the health benefits, and you can bet on a killer workout for your entire body every time you hit the water.


If you’re into finding new ways to enjoy fitness, and you love testing your limits with a solid core and cardio workout, SUP will do wonders for your body. Along with a refreshing stretch with a yoga paddleboard session, stand-up paddleboarding will not only become your next favorite hobby but a solid workout.  You, as well as others, will notice results in your physique once you begin hitting the water on a frequent basis, your body will receive a rewarding workout, along with different variations of paddleboarding that benefit your physical and even mental health.


Yoga on a paddleboard does the body and mind wonders. Having the ability to perform yoga on your paddleboard not only increases your core strength it also enhances your body’s stability with poses like the downward dog. Yoga is an excellent way to warm up for a day of paddleboarding, and it will surely get the blood flowing to all your main extremities. A solid paddleboard yoga session, even for a few minutes loosens up your muscles and reduces your chance for potential muscle cramps during your ride. And whether you ride a fiberglass, foam, or inflatable paddle board shape, you learn quickly where the ideal placements are on your board for balancing your body weight.


Keeping a shoulder width stance with your knees slightly bent provides you with a stable and central balance which allows you to maneuver in the water easier. Depending on how long you intend to be out on the water, riders will notice that their calves and quads are taking shape because this muscle group is the bodies primary support. Though you may not notice it, your stance is always balancing your body weight on the board which creates a defined muscle tone for the lower half of your body. Paddleboard surfing and touring riders over time will increase the strength in their legs, when taking on waves, or long distance ventures across choppy, or even calm water.


The core, or more commonly known as the torso portion of the body, probably receives the most intense workout out of the entire time one spends paddleboarding and there are a few reasons why. It is the central propulsion of the human body when riding a paddleboard, or an inflatable stand up paddleboard. Your limbs are connected to your core and when they move, so do the abdominal, oblique, back, and chest muscles. With every stroke, dig, or stride with your paddle, riders utilize their core, and over time it builds strength after every paddle session. The muscle memory focuses on all aspects of your paddling experience, and beginner riders will immediately notice a difference a day or two after their first paddle board session.


The fantastic aspects about the paddleboarding workout is your vicinity to the water. Any time that you feel the need to cool down, you can simply take a dip in the water to remove the sweat from your body or refresh your muscles with a quick swim. If you do take a dip don’t forget to have your Dry Bag on hand to dry off your wetsuit afterwards. Share your SUP workout stories with us @thedrybag


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