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wetsuit buying guide

Which wetsuit? A wetsuit buying guide

When you want a new t-shirt, you choose something you like the look of right? Picking out a wetsuit is not as straightforward, colours and style are not high up the list instead it’s all about picking the right type of neoprene to wrap yourself in before you hit the water.

All wetsuits are made with a stretchy rubber compound and in addition to assorted styles and sizes, they vary in thickness for a variety of different water sports and conditions. It’s important your wetsuit fits like a glove and it’s worth bearing in mind that different brands will fit differently so be sure to try on a few before you part with your cash.

As obvious as it sounds, a thicker wetsuit is required for colder waters to make sure your body is properly insulated. However, the thicker the neoprene, the less flexible it becomes – something to bear in mind if you want a swimming wetsuit.

A 3/2mm wetsuit is perfect for warm summer activities such as paddling on the beach or high energy ones that need more flexibility such as open water swimming. If you’re looking for a year round wetsuit a 5-3mm wetsuit is generally accepted as a good all-round suit moving to 7mm for cold waters where warmth is more important than flexibility.


2-3mm shorty and full wetsuits

You’ll want this level of thickness if you’re planning on hitting the water with the sun on your back. Think warm water snorkelling or tropical scuba diving in water temperatures of 27°C or over. If you’re into windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing, open water swimming or board sports such as surfing or SUP, this is the thickness for you. If you’re in warmer climes The Dry Bag Pro is your friend, you can hang your wetsuit in The Dry Bag and leave it out in the sun to dry quickly without worrying about UV rays damaging your suit.


3-5mm full wetsuits

If you’re hitting the water in winter and spring time when the water temperature is hovering around 10°C you’ll want a wetsuit that is at least 5mm. These suits are the best option for scuba diving, sailing and surfing. If open water swimming is your thing, you might want one of these in your wardrobe so you can start training early in the season. It’s thanks to this thickness of wetsuit that we can surf all year round too!

If the water is under 12°C, it’s worth considering wearing a hood, gloves and boots too.


7mm wetsuits

If the water is cold to touch – you’ll be thankful for a thick wetsuit. Invest in a hood, gloves and boots too. The Dry Bag Elite is the perfect partner if you’re regularly experiencing these temperatures, our durable hanger can take a drop weight of up to 25kg so no worries about your heavier wet wetsuit hanging in The Dry Bag.

 Wetsuit buying guide 

No matter what wetsuit you buy, The Dry Bag can help protect, dry and store your suit. To help decide which Dry Bag you might need take a look at this wetsuit buying guide: Which Dry Bag is right for me?

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