A Surfing Wetsuit Guide From The Dry Bag Company
Surfing Wetsuit Guide

A Guide to Surfing Wetsuits

Brighter mornings and longer evenings mean more time in the water, but beware across the shores of the UK the sea is still not an inviting temperature. So, while you may feel slightly warmer on the shore at this time of year, you’ll still need the correct gear before heading out to embrace Mother Nature. Here’s our surfing wetsuit guide to picking the right surfing wetsuits for these colder months, and how to care for your kit so it can stay with you for many an adventure.


Having a wardrobe of surfing wetsuits for every possible potential condition is not realistic for many of us, so it pays to invest in the right kit that can adapt to every situation. Here at Dry HQ, we’d advise a 3mm summer suit and 5mm winter suit. If two suits are a stretch, ask yourself how often you surf during either the warmer or colder months, does it warrant a winter suit if you never even dip your toe in frigid water?


Find the perfect fit between flexibility, comfort and waterproof. Your new rubber should cling tight to your neckline otherwise those duck dives and wipeouts are going to be dangerously cold affairs. Suits do give a little over time and when they’re wet, so don’t be afraid to go for that tight seal.


Taking your wetsuit on and off in car parks or on pavement is a bad idea, we recommend making your way to a softer grassy area or using a changing mat to avoid standing on and scraping your suit on the harsh concrete.


Quickly drying your suit is also important to reduce bacteria growth and wear, using The Dry Bag will help increase your suit’s lifespan. By avoiding direct UV light and reducing your suit’s drying time, The Dry Bag is a wetsuit drying bag that keeps your suit fresh and strong.


Finally, a great trick to giving your old lifeless surfing wetsuits a new lease of life is to run a bath with a little baby oil, soak your suit in the water to give it a new comfortable suppleness – beware though, use too much oil and you may end up slipping clean off your board the next time you hit the waves.


Correct wetsuit maintenance can make you wetsuit last longer and can be the difference between one year and a couple of years use. So take good care of it and it will keep you warm for years to come!

Also, don’t forget to check out our innovative wetsuit bags that are ideal for cycling, surfing, snow sports, water sports, diving, open water swimming, mountaineering, sailing.

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