Drying Your Wetsuit | A Guide To The Dry Bag Pro And Elite
Drybag Dry Bag Pro and Dry Bag Elite Effective Drying Your Wetsuit

Product Guide: Pro v Elite

Putting on a damp wetsuit is enough to make even the most hardened surfing veteran’s skin crawl. The root of this problem lies in drying your wetsuit and the storage, and the solution is The Dry Bag.

An innovative method for storing and drying your wetsuit, The Dry Bag’s unique design enables faster natural drying, while the water reservoir and valve release controls and stores the excess water, reducing the traditional mess associated with drying your wetsuit indoors.

Each surfer lives a unique lifestyle. From weekend warrior and seasoned veteran through to fair-weather enthusiasts and competitive professionals. To help mirror these ways of life, we’ve created two different bags perfect for drying your wetsuit, both with different features to meet the needs of every surfer.

So, between The Dry Bag Pro, and The Dry Bag Elite, which one is right for you?

The Dry Bag Pro

Designed with the Weekend Warrior in mind, The Dry Bag Pro features mesh side vents to enhance air flow to the wet gear and reduce natural drying time. This lightweight bag is shower-proof, allowing you to store your gear indoors, outdoors or in the car, safe in the knowledge that it will dry efficiently and be protected from Mother Nature’s elements.

The Dry Bag Elite

An essential piece of kit for those addicted to the waves and are blessed enough to have the opportunity to surf regularly, The Dry Bag Elite offers increased airflow, offering an even faster natural drying time, perfect for preparing your gear overnight for the next morning’s swell. More suited for drying indoors, The Dry Bag Elite means your gear will be ready when you are.

The Dry Bag not only prepares surfers for their next adventure. It’s useful for other adrenaline junkies too, have your Dry Bag handy for wet or muddy adventures, from wetsuits and board shorts, through to swimming gear, rain coats or even your consistently wet dog-walking attire!