For The Love Of Surfing | Why It's Love By Millions Worldwide
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For the Love of Surfing

We’re not short of ways to explain the love of surfing and why it is not only loved unconditionally by millions across the world, but is an undying passion and way of life. For many, the sport is a childhood sweetheart that stays with them for a lifetime. If you’re yet to find your sporting soulmate and love of surfing, here’s why surfing might be for you…

FAMILY: No surfer is ever truly alone; the surfing family extends across the globe. From coast-to-coast, regardless of ability, surfers unite and create an unparalleled sense of belonging thanks to their love for Mother Nature.

ADVENTURE: As mentioned in previous blog posts, there’s an extensive choice of surfing destinations all over the world. Surfers will all agree on the addiction and pull of ‘the search’ and becoming compelled to surf better each day. The love of surfing and feeling of completing each adventure means that you return home a self-made hero, changed and accomplished from your experiences in the ocean.

COURAGE: Surfers play at the edge of the world with no barriers to protect them, they have courage to confront the unknown… riding whatever comes their way. A mentality that helps you take on challenges in the ocean and back on land too.

UNFORGETTABLE: Every surfer will tell you that about the thrill or catching your first wave – a breath taking experience that sparks an emotion and love of surfing you’ll chase for a lifetime. No two waves are the same, each wall of water has a story to tell and the adrenaline will lead you to chase bigger and better swells across the globe.

MIND, BODY & SOUL: Surfing enhances all aspects of your physical health, scientifically proven to make you feel happier, not many sporting relationships can leave you with the same sense of elation. The combination of sun, sea and salt-water is invigorating, while the open water offers a feeling of peace and freedom.

The love of surfing is like no other, once you’ve dipped your toe in the ocean, caught that first wave and admired sunsets over the shore you and surfing will most probably embark on a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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