Winter Surf Spots - Where To Catch The Best Winter Waves
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Winter Surf Spots

The colder months are here. For those of us not lucky enough to escape to warmer climes, the UK’s shoreline provides some bracing conditions only suitable for the hardcore and truly devoted! To help fend off those winter blues, we’ll help you dream of some sunnier scenes with this list of our favourite winter surf spots:


Our friends and brand ambassadors, Alan Stokes and Philly Lewis have just returned from Morocco on their latest Wild and Free retreat – their photography alone is enough to make you want to pack your bags and head for the picturesque shores of North Africa. A more affordable alternative to the long-haul trips to Hawaii or the Maldives, Morocco is quickly becoming many European’s favourite winter surf spots for a surf in the sun.


We’ll be the first to admit that this may seem obvious, but it’s important to never forget about Hawaii. Never forget about the sand bottom beaches, the warm temperatures, warm water and legendary waves. Not for the faint hearted, the strong currents and even stronger waves reward experienced surfers with some of the most stunning winter surf spots in the world.

Black Beach:

Stretching for 2 miles, this spot in Southern California offers some of the most powerful waves on the West Coast and while the trail down to the beach may be tricky to traverse, it is well worth the journey! Admittedly the water is still chilly in the winter months, but you are just North of San Diego, so if you close your eyes it’s not hard to imagine that you’re in Southern Californian sunshine.


Bali may be famed for great waves all year round, but if it makes this list – you can use it as your excuse to book two weeks off work in January and head East. A tourist hot-spot, Bali still offers some incredible unspoilt beaches, and with the temperature significantly higher than Cornwall during the Winter months, swap the frigid waters of Newquay for Bali and never look back!

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