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The Year Ahead At Dry Bag

We and the Dry Bag wetsuit carrier are well into the swing of 2017, winter has started to outstay its welcome so here at DRY HQ we have turned our attention to the really important stuff we want to get up to this year. As always, first and foremost on our minds is adventure! Adventure is why we love surfing and have created the Dry Bag wetsuit carrier. So, here’s where we’re dying to visit this calendar year.

It’s not just dreams of warmer climes inspiring us this January, Alaska is our first dream destination of 2017. Nothing will test your fortitude and love of surfing like the Great Land’s frigid waters. Thanks to the unique way in which the northern most tip of the Americas’ coast twists and turns back on itself at every possible juncture, Alaska is riddled with little corners of surf that are simply waiting to be tamed. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, this beautiful wilderness is under enormous threat from environmental damage and in this year of political and environmental uncertainty, we are itching to get out there and treat that spray with the respect and appreciation it deserves before it’s too late.

Continuing our hopes of a brisk dip near the arctic circle we’d love to join Tim Nunn as he travels to the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard later in the year. Continuing his good work with the Plastic Project, which aims to fight marine litter through a mutual love of surfing and the ocean. Svalbard is home to just over two thousand people, making it one of Europe’s last true wildernesses, exactly the type of paradise which the Plastic Project aims to protect from the encroaching environmental impacts of our increasing global population. The archipelago is the perfect beauty spot to share with the world and help to inspire the movement. We can’t wait to see his work. Oh… and we’ve heard the surf isn’t too bad up there either…

So that’s what we’re dreaming of today as we pencil in our 2017 plans. Where’s top of your list? What unchartered surfing territory will adventure take you to this year? Let us know over on our social channels @TheDryBag and discover more about the Dry Bag wetsuit carrier here.

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